The 3 Little Princesses

The 3 Little Princesses (2008-2009)

The 3 Little Princesses

The 3 Little Princesses is a 28-page webcomic that takes place in the universe of the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise. It stars princesses Peach and Daisy, as well as Rosalina, the most recent addition to the series (Super Mario Galaxy, 2007).


“Peach and Daisy hear loud noises from the outside of the castle. Upon realizing it is nothing but a bulky, exploding spacecraft making such noise, they decide to go sneak a peek. It is only then that they get to meet Rosalina, the watcher of the stars, whose comet observatory crashed on Peach’s garden not too long ago after encountering a meteor from a little too close. Rosalina’s only way to get back on track isn’t available until the day after, so the two princesses decide that the best way they can entertain their guest (as well as themselves) for the night, is to organize a sleepover.”

The comic is available here in its full length, in a webcomic reading format.

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