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Original series published online since 2009.

Oliver, new teenager resident of the huge Norandopolis, is chosen to become a superhero for his new town, after an incident involving a house wall, a green-glowing ball, and an equally green blob-monster. He now has to learn the basics of being a superhero, in addition to fighting the various menaces threatening the good being of the city.

French (incomplete) and English versions can be found here. French | English

The 3 Little Princesses
The 3 Little Princesses

Parody of the Super Mario video game series.

This short, 30-page one-shot comic follows the story of Peach and Daisy, princesses of the Mushroom Kingdom, who get the visit of Rosalina, watcher of the cosmos. They decide to celebrate her visit (and take benefit of the fact she’s stranded for the night) by having a sleepover.

English and French versions can be found here. French | English