About me

Hello to you, wanderer of the great Web!

You just set foot on my personal website and art gallery! But first things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Yves Bourgelas, born in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, Canada, in May 1985. I am holding a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Design from the Université du Québec en Outaouais. I currently live in Gatineau, near Canada’s capital, Ottawa. I am an illustrator, comic artist, Web designer and animator, usually working under the name The Bourgyman on the Web.

These days, I’ve been working on what could possibly be my biggest project ever, the Supercrash! comic book series, a story about a teenager who becomes (by chance) a superhero, in an absurd and humourous bastardization of the world we live in today. The book will be released and be available in all major libraries of Quebec in December 2013. The English version is also available directly from me as a self-publication.

I’m also a regular comic conventions attendee on the Québec-Toronto corridor, usually having its own booth in the artist alley and selling my own creations, related to comics and illustration. You can see my next public appearances by clicking here!

In addition of being a visual artist, I am also a music producer and a disc-jockey, using the name DJ Bourg for my productions, but I’m not going into further detail about that in here, so for more information regarding that part of me, please visit my music Web site.

During the last few years, my work has been featured on several websites, such as:

DeviantART | Kotaku | Destructoid | Reddit | Blistered Thumbs | LevelUpStudios | ArtATM | Yearmix.Net |Who’s Da DJ

Here are links to my other personal websites:

Supercrash | DJ.Bourgy.net

The social networks where I am registered:

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+ | YouTube | Soundcloud

If you wish to contact, please do so via the Contact section. Now that everything’s been said, I wish you a pleasant visit to my website(s). Thanks for stopping by!